• Tours’ Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC) INSERM 0202 has two components:

    -Clinical investigation unit
    With one physician, 4 clinical research nurses, and 3 clinical research assistants, this unit is in charge of the management of clinical research studies (recruitment, physical exams, biological sampling, data collection…). A contract between Tours’ CIC and Tours’ intensive care unit allows conducting early phase studies, which require complete hospitalization.

    - Biometrical unit
    With 2 senior biostatisticians, 4 junior biostatisticians and 4 data-managers, this unit is in charge of the methodological and biostatistical aspects of clinical research project (planning, data-management, statistical analysis, result reporting). This unit acts as a referring unit for methodological issues for the CRICS group.




  • The CIC-P0801 of Limoges, key structure of the clinical investigation of the region Limousin, promotes the clinical research at the hospital. It provides a powerful tool with substantial human and logistical resources which can meet the current requirements of clinical research.CIC has its own premises, beds for clinical investigation and a base of healthy volunteers for which the CIC-P0801 constantly recruits with a specificity for the elderly. The scientific themes developed are: infectious disease (microbiology and emergency trials), immuno-hematology (hematology-oncology, immunology and immuno-pediatrics), the field of ultrasound and pharmacology.
    The CIC is a member of the CIC’s Sepsis network which is composed of four CIC whose coordination was entrusted to Dr. Bruno Francois.


  • "F-CRIN/French Clinical Research Network Infrastructure" is a national clinical research infrastructure  selected under the "Investments for the Future." Partner of the European Network ECRIN, its purpose is to help the French clinical research to access and to be recognized at European and international level.

    F- CRIN provides information, consulting, supporting skills and services to investigators in the preparation and in the conduct of national or multinational clinical studies, for any category of clinical research and in any disease area.

    The team is based in Toulouse, and has been recognized as one of the two national service platforms and thematic networks of excellence.

    As a training organization, F-CRIN  contributes to the acquisition and updating of skills of professionals research in France.

    In relation to other operators of Clinical Research, F-CRIN intends to participate in the national harmonization of procedures and practices to facilitate the opening of investigational centers in France and therefore their participation in multinational trials.


  • Strategic Services has been entrusted to conduct a series of trial site audits. The audits covered non-commercial and industry-sponsored studies in various types of trial sites housed in University Hospitals or Local Hospitals. Nevertheless all of them were ICUs.

    The audits resulted in observations relatives to improvement of the Informed Consent process, Investigational Medicinal Product management and documentation to better achieve compliance with regulatory and study protocol requirements.

    Strategic Services remains in close connection with CRICS to keep improving compliance with clinical research standards at transnational, regional, and local levels.


  • IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) program is a unique pan-European public-private partnership between the European Commission and EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) to finance projects through call for tenders.The COMBACTE (Combatting Bacterial Resistance in Europe) project from the 6th call of IMI is part of the European program ND4BB (New Drug For Bad Bugs). It aims of fight against antimicrobial resistance by developing new antibiotics through the establishment of an efficient clinical trial platform, involving public and private research. This project, for a duration of seven years, began in 2013. Dr. Bruno Francois is in charge of the coordination of the clinical trials of this project.



  • The « Centre d'Etude des Pathologies Respiratoires » (CEPR; Centre for the Study of Lung Diseases) consists of the combination of UMR INSERM U1100 and EA6305, and is led by Mustapha Si-Tahar.

    It is divided into three teams. Human and material resources of the unit allow a wide field of investigation in the area of respiratory diseases.

    The topics explored are, among others, inflammation and mechanisms of interaction "host-pathogen" in the lungs. CEPR also has recognized expertise in aerosol, and is participating in the development of biopharmaceuticals vectorized by aerosol.


  • INSERM became established in Limoges in 2007 in order to reinforce the pharmacology and infectiology translational research themes developed at Limoges University and University Hospital. These topics, which associate experimental and clinical research, have been developed by two research teams, in collaboration with a clinical investigation centre.
     - INSERM Unit 850: "Pharmacology of Immunosuppressants in transplantation"
     - Clinical Investigation Centre CIC-P 0801
     - INSERM "Avenir" team "Molecular analysis of resistance to antimicrobial drugs"

    The unit conducts research in two ways:
    -  antibiotic resistance axis with the model of  integrons
    - antiviral resistance axis with the model of cytomegalovirus.

  • The network's mission is to promote clinical research in the field of Sepsis

       -Encouraging the emergence of translational research through interactions between clinicians and researchers.
       -Maintain the attractiveness of France for therapeutic trials, particularly for Phase II studies.
       -Facilitating the development of clinical research projects of national and international importance.
       -Creating a federal interface between the different study teams in the field of sepsis.




  • The “ Centre National de Gestion des Essais de Produits de Santé”  (CeNGEPS), a public interest group, was established in 2007 to enhance the attractiveness of France related to  the clinical research industry. It was extended for a second mandate of four years in 2011. Its governance is particularly original because it combines both public and private partners: hospitals, INSERM, LEEM – Les entreprises du Médicament.

    The missions of  CeNGEPS, “To recruit more, faster and better in the sponsored clinical trials” are as follows :

    • support the professionalization and the  improving of the quality of sponsored clinical trials .
    • improve the management of logistics and administration of these clinical trials.
    • maintain the French attractiveness to put France in the international top 3
    • inform and educate the general public about clinical research